What Momcrieff is all about.

I’m married to an entrepreneur and I’m a mom of 2 boys, ages 14 and 12.   This blog is about the things that interest me.   I try to keep up with technology.  Why?  Well, lets say it’s tough keeping up with my kids.   Facebook, that’s easy!   It’s trying to figure out what else is out there that the kids are interested in and socializing with.  A phone??  Wow!  What young teen would even phone their friends?  Only the one’s who lost their phones for one reason or another!  I wonder if a texting only phone exists?  Would it be a phone then?  Would it cost less?  Hmmmm, if I’m bored one day I’ll research this and let you know.

I’ve created an iPhone app.   I was trying to understand how the process worked and was looking for a challenge.  It was a ton of work and I really didn’t make much money.  But, it was interesting, challenging and helped me understand the world of all those app.’s that can be downloaded from iTunes.   The best part of my stint as an Apple App. Developer – I think I impressed my kids for a while.   Not an easy feat in today’s world!  I was the only one they knew who could claim they own an app. on iTunes.  I’ll share the details of my development adventure in a future blog.

I do love my iPhone!  Lucky me, my kids show me how to use it.  When I first got my first iPhone, my older son, then 10, showed me how to do all the basics.   When I asked how he knew how to do everything, he told me he learned from playing with the iPhones displayed at Best Buy.   I have also learned a few things from those wonderful folks at the Genius Bar at the Apple Store.  I will share!  I promise.   I scrapbook and when I get together with friends, I share some very basic tips and love seeing the thrill of figuring out a new ‘thing’ that the iPhone can do or that you can do with your iPhone.  Updates can sometimes be amazing but if you don’t use the new capabilities, you are missing out.   Yes, I know new things can be scary but you did get an iPhone and it was new technology once.  Don’t you love it now??!!

I am also interested in the world around me.   If you really listen to the news and understand the background to some of the things discussed, there is so much history and so many frightening things going on in the world.   I’m the weird one who listens to a story and then Googles the location, the issue or the person to figure out the ‘so what’.    There are so many serious conflicts in the world that they seem to blend into each other and we have become immune.  Sad, but true!   My goal is to share what I’ve found in a concise and interesting manner.  Then, if you want to learn more, you at least know where to start.

Here is my main goal for my Momcrieff blog.  I will be sharing things I am interested in BUT, my goal is that you will learn something from every blog I post.

That being said, thanks for reading and I hope you come back and read more!!